Why Choose Us?

We are all about SERVICE, QUALITY and VALUE!

We Serve You...

by helping in each phase of the planning process. Our draftsmen will work with you through a step-by-step process of designing just the right home for your family. We use our years of experience to point our options that you might not think of. And we will make suggestions of how to build the most cost effective home while paying attention to your individual needs. We’ll help you to envision how your home will appear and feel as you walk from room to room.

You Get Quality...

when you purchase Better By Design LLC home plans! Our stock plans are Builder Tested. And all of our plans are complete with the everything you’ll need to get cost estimates, building permits and for the actual construction of your new home. The quality of our plans is the reason that over 100 builders return to Better By Design LLC time after time for the plans they need.

You Get Value...

All our stock plans have been built locally so they are builder tested. Because we work so closely with the builders and homeowners, any necessary corrections to the plans are made during the construction process. And at your request we will  produce mirror image prints for you Unlike most providers of house plans, all the dimensions on our reverse plans will read correctly- preventing costly errors.

We Save You $$ Two Ways

Because Better By Design LLC plans are accurate, reliable, builder tested plans, you avoid many costly delays and errors on the jobsite. When things in the field work as shown on the print your building experience will be much easier. Materials orders will be correct, the concrete foundation will match the framing dimensions and doors and windows are the right size and in the correct places. Most of all, you will not be charged extra for contractor’s return trips and re-dos if it’s done right the first time.

Secondly, our plans are often as much as 50% lower price than other home plan websites. You’ll also get 5 complete sets of any print you buy from us as opposed to only one from most of the others. Oh, and check out the price of modifying one of our competitors plans. Modifications often double the price you pay, or even more. We make modifications to our stock plans at a low hourly rate. And we guarantee that the price you pay for a stock print including the modifications will not exceed the price you would have paid for a custom plan. So as you can see, there are many reasons to choose Better By Design LLC.