Builder Tested

At Better By Design LLC we work hard to make certain our plans actually work out on the jobsite. That’s why we work so closely with the builders and homeowners we serve. If there are questions or problems that arise during the construction phase, we work with the builder to correct or clarify the needed information on the prints.

Builder Tested House Plans by Better By Design

Our plans have actually been built; many of them multiple times. Many, maybe most of the house plans purchased online have never been built. And many that have been built are not corrected/ updated because there is no contact and feedback from the builder.

Better By Design LLC has drawn plans for over 100 builders. And we work with many of the same builders over and over. We see them often and talk to them about how we might improve our plans. That’s why you can have confidence in Better By Design home plans.
Our reliability is build upon the experience of our draftsmen and
the builders they serve. So Better By Design can truthfully say our plans are ‘Builder Tested!’
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