The Seven Most Common Mistakes People Make When Building a House


And let’s not even talk about the delays that this will cause!  While you are waiting on additional materials, other subs are standing around and that runs up your costs even more. Get good plans. They will pay for themselves many times over.

Then before you start have your contractor look over the plans to make sure they are workable. I have seen many plans that have a nice picture on the front, but they are just unworkable. The supports might be in the wrong place or the second story doesn’t line up with the first story. There could be any number of other problems. It may surprise you to know that most plans purchased from plan books or the internet have never been built.

Contractors end up bringing these plans to someone like me for corrections before they can be used. Someone has to pay for these corrections. Since feedback doesn’t go back to the original designer, these same plans with the same mistakes are sold to the next guy. And by the time you pay to buy the plans and pay to have them corrected, you have bought them twice.

All of the plans on our website are for houses that have actually been built and any little mistakes have been corrected on the new plans. These are all 100% builder tested and ready to go. To view some great examples of house designs go to But, I repeat, whether you buy mine or someone else’s, use good plans. It is a must.

Number 3

The next one goes almost without saying. Choose the right general contractor. The Yellow Pages is not the place to find a good general contractor for the biggest investment of your life. Getting the wrong general contractor will be the biggest mistake you can make. You know that everyone sounds good in their own advertising. You have to dig a lot deeper than that.

Do you know anyone who has built a house recently? Who did they use? Were they happy with the experience? Is the house right? Get referrals from people that you trust.  Once you get the names of a couple of contractors, check them out for yourself. Interview them. Ask to see some of the houses that they have built as well as some that are being built at the present time. Go see theses houses. Talk to the owners to see if they are satisfied. If a general contractor does not want to cooperate with you in all of this, don’t even consider him.

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