By Bob Linnert, Better By Design LLC

Here’s how we can help:

We can help you plan for construction of light commercial and industrial buildings, churches, additions and tenant build-outs. So call today for an initial appointment. For new construction we’ll meet with you at our offices. For additions or build-out projects we’ll meet you there so we can get dimensions and photos of the existing structure.

First we need to know what your needs are. Please be prepared to tell us the approximate size and purpose of your building project along with an overview of the layout and function needed. And knowing where it will be located will help us know what plan elements you’ll be required to have to obtain a Construction Design Release (CDR) from the state Department of Homeland Security. We’ve learned a lot from experience, but what we don’t know we’ll find out. We understand that some of the worst things that can happen are the delays and added expenses incurred when you’re surprised by unknown state or local requirements. So don’t go it alone!

After our initial meeting we’ll take a short time to determine exactly what plan elements will be required before construction of your project may begin. You may be required to submit some or all of the following:

Site location plan, Site drainage plan, Septic layout plan, Building Elevations, Foundation plan, main floor framing plan (plus other floors as applicable), Electrical plan, HVAC plan, Plumbing waste & vent plan, Building sections & details, Life safety plan, Handicap details and other planning elements as they apply to your specific project.

Once we’ve determined what we believe are the required plan elements, we’ll be able to give you a written proposal detailing the various plan elements we can provide and what you will be charged. After reviewing and accepting our proposal we will begin the actual work.

You’ll fist be given a floor plan and elevation drawings for your comment, revision and approval. Our draftsmen will work to make the plan fit your needs and desires before moving to the next step. Once you’ve approved the floor plan and elevations we will prepare the foundation plan, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other plan elements. You’ll have an opportunity to review all these elements and at the same time our Engineers will be doing the Code Review and any required engineering. We may all meet together several times to be sure that you understand the plans and that we have addressed all known issues. We also complete the requires ComCheck and Application for CDR. Once we all agree the plans are complete the Engineer will put his official seal on each page and the plans will be submitted to the state.

So you can rest easy while we lead you through the whole process. And if you need jobsite supervisions or inspections, we can provide those services too. When you work with Better By Design LLC on your commercial construction projects it’s like working with friends who are looking out for your best interests, because you are!